What if successful investing were as easy as assembling flat pack furniture?  Something you do at home.  No help needed.

That’s the flat pack investor way.  Investing for the DIY-er, if you will.

Whatever your taste in financial products – from the financial equivalent of Argos to IKEA – we package up the right information and the right tools for you to assemble your financial future.

The best part?  No one will know the difference.  Just don’t tell the ‘buy-it-off the shelf’ crowd at Goldman Sachs (that’s a famous furniture store on Wall Street, for those that don’t know).  No one likes to hear they paid over the odds for the same result.

If this site doesn’t take you directly to (financial) DIY heaven, let us know what’s missing.  We’ll sniff it out.  Give it a Scandanavian sounding name (like FinTech), and then add it here.  In plain English.