What Shares? A Stock Screener for SGX Traders

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What Shares? A Stock Screener for SGX Traders


Simply, easy to use stock scanner for active SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) traders focused on Breakouts, Breakdowns, Uptrends and Downtrends


A paid service focused on a limited set of triggers that will not be to every traders taste (but you get to try before you buy).

WhatShares Stock Screener Scanner

WhatShares launched in April 2016 and claims to be the first publicly available, real time stock scanner in Asia.  Nonsense, I hear you say.  What about investing.com, stockflock, and Google Finance (to name a few).  Fair enough.  You caught me.

WhatShares is actually a stock scanner (as opposed to the ‘garden variety’ stock screener suggested in the article title).  The key differences being that, unlike a stock screener, a stock scanner:

  • Analyses live streaming data
  • Is used by prop traders, active traders and dealers / brokers
  • Doesn’t usually include fundamental data or financial ratios; and are
  • Often developed for in-house use by prop desks and hedge funds

Publicly available scanners are a rarer breed as they crunch millions of data points in a single trading session.  A stock screener only needs to capture one line of data after the market has closed.

Clear?  No?  Then let’s talk about what WhatShares actually does.

WhatShares provides real time market intelligence on the SGX, identifying volume and price triggers to generate alerts for active trading in 3 categories:

  1. The top 20 most active gainers right now
  2. The top 40 highest volume gainers today
  3. Gainers with unusual volume today (because volume often precedes price)

According to WhatShares: “If a stock was to make a significant move today, it is most likely to come from these categories.  If you were to make a significant winning trade today, it would most likely be with one of these stocks.”

Why?  An oft quoted rule of profitable trading is not to “buy low, sell high”, but to “buy high and sell higher”.  New traders generally buy when prices have fallen, looking for cheap stocks. Professionals buy because prices are rising.

WhatShares have also recently included down side alerts so traders can identify which stocks are being sold down in real time.

Key Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple, targeted set of alerts for the active trader
  • Only publicly available scanner covering the Singapore stock market (SGX) – give the hedge funds a run for their money!


Best Suited For

Active traders of securities on the SGX.

There are as many trading strategies and indicators out there as there are fashion labels.  The trader, like the fashionista, will have their favourites.  WhatShares focuses on 4 stock movements – Breakouts, Breakdowns, Uptrends and Downtrends.  If that ensemble takes your fancy, put on your party shoes and go crazy.

Getting Started

WhatShares provides you with a free trial, simply enter your:

  1. Name
  2. Email address; and
  3. Choose a password

Thereafter it will cost you US$49 per month.  You can cancel at anytime if you find it’s not for you.


What Others Are Saying

Looks like we’re saying it first!  A search of the web didn’t turn up any other commentary on WhatShares.  Let us know if you come across anything, using the comments field below.

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