Crowdfunding? What About Crowd Investing?

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Crowdfunding? What About Crowd Investing?


Investing note is run by tech savvy stock enthusiasts who have developed a solid platform which leverages the advantages of social media to make investing more accessible and, hopefully, more engaging.


There is undoubtedly comfort in the crowd. There could also be wisdom. In using a tool like Investing Note you'll still need to be wise enough to tell the difference between the two.

Crowdfunding?  Try Crowd Investing With Investing Note

Crowdfunding is nothing new, having been around since the late 1990’s.  Crowd investing is a more recent concept.  Take the Singapore-based Investing Note, for example.

Founded in 2014, InvestingNote is a free social networking site which enables interaction amongst retail investors and professional traders in Singapore and the South-East Asian region.  According to its tagline, the …

Wisdom  is in the Crowd

Their Knowledge, Your Gain

Get stock price estimates from real traders and investors. Make better decisions.

Members have access to experts stock estimates, research reports, advanced charting tools for technical analysis, market data from regional stock exchanges, as well as the ability to discuss trading ideas with other users.

According to the InvestingNote press release in early 2015:

“InvestingNote has built up a pool of financial experts and investors as users, including top-tier remisiers, stock educators, professional traders and prominent financial bloggers to share their opinions and knowledge.

The website has a formal verification process to evaluate the experts before they are awarded with a user badge to certify their competencies. These financial experts can build their reputation in the social media space through making forecasts and sharing their investing knowledge.

Reputation points are allocated to the financial experts when they gain new followers, garner ‘likes’ for their postings and have other users share their posts.  Through the points system, registered users will be able to determine the experts’ credibility and quality of posts. ”

Note: Investing Note is an ‘advice only’ site.  That is, you can’t trade (buy / sell) stocks using the Investing Note platform.  You’ll need to find your own (online) broker for that.

Key Features

  • Stock prices, including top gainer / loser and top percentage gainer / loser for the Singapore, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand markets
  • Portfolio Tracker, including the ability to manually enter transactions you’ve executed on a particular stock using your trading platform
  • Watchlists
  • Charts and advanced charting tools (probably the most sophisticated free tools I’ve come across for analysing the smaller South East Asian stock markets)
  • User metrics, including estimate rating, average returns, number of stock estimates, followers / likes / ideas, investing style (fundamental vs technical) and trading strategies
  • Search and / or filter by members ranking, topics and favourites
  • Read and share market news and analysis through posts and comments
  • Send private messages to other members

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?  No advertising.  No hooks.

You can also download both Android and iPhone versions of the mobile app (InvestingNote).


Best Suited For?

Just as crowdfunding suits a particular type of investor, so too does crowd investing.  Active retail investors focused on investing in South-East Asian markets with some investing knowledge, for example.

For these investors, Investing Note is a fantastic platform for exchanging ideas, gauging market sentiment and benefiting from high quality charting tools.

The generally more ‘frenetic pace’ associated with social platforms however, may not be a good fit for the buy to hold investor.  We see an opportunity for overwhelm and / or confusion for passive investors.

The novice investor should also beware.  The lure of a shortcut to investing – blindly following a tip by a top ten ranked member with over 1,000 followers – may not be the path to riches they might imagine.

What You Need to Get Started

Go to and click on ‘FREE Sign Up’.  You can sign up with your facebook or google+ account, or simply choose a username and password and enter your e-mail address.  Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, simply click on the link to activate and follow the instructions to complete your profile.

What Others Are Saying

Business Times (Singapore), March 22, 2016: “INVESTING Note Pte Ltd, which provides free crowd-sourced information on retail investing through its social network site, hopes to establish itself as a platform through which remisiers can share their investing knowledge.”

Final Thoughts

Investing Note is undoubtedly a high quality tool, with an impressive pedigree.  As with all tools, it’s all about choosing the right one for the right job.

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